There are a lot of visually pleasing or otherwise attractive people in the world but as a general rule, we don’t get attracted to all of them.

In a world where we are all increasingly monetarily and commercially driven, we like the idea where everything can be quantified and it throws us off when we experience something intangible.

Fair enough, it may be biologically dictated, and may be explained to a certain extent but I’d like to think that there is something intangible about how certain people affect us.

We are attracted to whom we are attracted to and it’s just how it is. What is within in our control is what we do about that attraction, whether we want to act on it or just let it be.

We feel different chemistry with different people and attraction need not be limited to one person and while we might find quite a few people attractive, we would find even fewer people whom we are seriously attracted to and the fans of the attraction is usually fanned by contact and interaction with the person, that is unless one is of the stalker persuasion and this would be an altogether different thing entirely.

Back to the topic, we may be out of contact with the person for a bit but generally, unless something pivotal causes the attraction momentum to pause or be diverted, if usually picks up where it leaves off and unless the person seriously dissuades us from going down that path we tend to be drawn like a moth to the flame–entrances without knowing why.

And the story continuous until there is enough reason to stop. Compelling attraction is intangible and powerful so we best keep in mind that it might be dangerous as well. We can acknowledge this and at best try to keep ourselves in check. Besides, without further encouragement from the person, we won’t and shouldn’t be masochistic enough to go down the road a risk rejection or serious emotional damage.

(c) Niconica 2012