What does it say about us when we find that we somehow aren’t as keen for someone as we once were? It has to be said that the petering out of emotions doesn’t easily happen when our romantic gestures are warmly and promptly reciprocated but when this factor is lacking and we find ourselves on the pursuing end, it can happen that the interest wanes at some point and it’s strange to experience this especially when we know intellectually that we are into that person and it’s hard to explain why the tap runs out somehow and even when they make gestures to reach out, it can feel that it’s too little to late or just simply less appealing as we used to find it.

It may be that the cat and mouse game has simply run it’s course or perhaps we get exhausted of all the “is it or isn’t it” mind games and an off-switch gets triggered within us and we feel detached towards someone whom we used to avidly fancy. This tipping point could be the result of many factors such as the feeling that the person we desire is pushing us away for a significant period of time and it’s just gotten to a point where we “get the point” already or it could be the previously stated reason plus personal problems, issues, illness, circumstances, and life events which exacerbate the situation and we feel lukewarm, detached, and/or indifferent towards the person.

It’s a strange feeling because we are used to feeling so strongly about the person and receiving any form of correspondence from them would elicit an immediate and enthusiastic response from us, but when we are in a detached state, we couldn’t care less or can’t be bothered that they have contacted us and the same gestures which we would have warmly received before seem rather pale and uninteresting.

There is a sense of the hangover from the romantic interest but it feels less real somehow and there would be moments that some vestige of interest or nostalgia would creep in and we would make the requisite reaching out towards the person but somehow it is just not the same. It’s like trying to reheat food in a microwave, the quality of the food is affected somehow.

In our minds we know we like the person but it seems that there is some sort of disconnect or disparity presence with how we feel and we might eventually reconcile it somehow. We might realise that the romantic detachment was merely a phase or we might realise that it’s for good. The jury is still out on that. Time will tell.

(c) Niconica 2012