We know the significance and relevance of evasive maneuvers as employed by the starships in Star Trek and as such, it is also applicable in the realm of love and romance.

Evasive maneuvers are helpful when we would like to discourage unwanted romantic advances and at the same time evasive maneuvers can be employed to shield our heart from hurt in cases of unrequited love.

When it becomes obvious that the object of our affections is simply not into us, we must act in the interest of self-preservation and avoid contact as much as we can in order to recover our equilibrium. It is easier said than done of course but it is necessary.

There is a tendency where our better judgement is compromised and we might mistake a plain friendly or polite gesture for something more than it is and this would just lead to more pain for us since if we follow this natural tendency, we basically are going down the rabbit hole of entrapment, despair, and heartbreak.

Distance is required so that we may recover and the only time to be in contact again is when we would be unaffected by their presence or their actions, where their simple gestures will not be misinterpreted and skewed by our hopeful hearts.

Meanwhile, we would need to recover and find a way to shake off the love bug and it can only be done through minimising contact with the object of our affection.

(c) Niconica 2012