Trust is a word often bandied about recklessly with little or no thought to what it indeed means.

It’s something that is built up over time and is not something that happens in the one fell swoop upon meeting someone.

If there is some semblance of trust which appears when we initially meet someone it is more of blind faith, intuition, giving the benefit of the doubt, or just plain gullible stupidity in play. It should not be mistaken for the real thing.

It takes time (years, actually) to build up real trust; which is not to say that people don’t trust before a certain time interval but it is just the nature of trust to be gradual and perhaps trust does exist or get developed but in smaller measures.

Trust is not some high ideal which is una chicane or grandiose . It is built by something as simple as keeping agreements. It’s built by being reliable and constant.

If nothing else, trust is about keeping our word mutually and thereby showing that we honor and respect the person by not treating our commitments and promises to them cavalierly.

It should then be no surprise that when simple agreements such as calling when one promises to call and showing up when one promises to make time become the fabric that trust is made of because being able to keep our promise with smaller things are a good indication of our capability to honor larger agreements.

Do you keep up your side of the bargain?

(c) Niconica 2012