More often than not we let ourselves get carried away by our feelings and it’s not the most prudent way of going about our lives.

Many people tend to play fast and loose with their words and actions and when we take them seriously, we lose our balance and find ourselves falling for them even if they don’t deserve it.

We must have a good emotional anchor and not let mere words or fleeting moments sway us because these cannot be counted upon in the long run. It is not and shouldn’t be about impulse.

We should not impute more behind people’s words and actions than they have specified because seeing such show of affection with rose-coloured glasses will not be to our benefit.

We must hold fast to our centres, to our emotional anchor and not be swayed by mere gestures and call to mind the general tendency and history of interactions and keep things in perspective.

Just because we fancy someone, it’s not enough cause to lose our sense over them. We can fancy someone and hold back because it doesn’t mean we have to go after everything and anything that catches our eye especially if mixed signals are being given.

Let’s not mistake friendly affection for something more than that and this down to earth approach will be easier to achieve with a strong emotional anchor– one that will be a product of our self-discipline and self-preservation instinct.

(c) Niconica 2012