The specter of the ex haunts a rebound relationship and it will not be unlikely that we end up paying for the mistakes of the ex, unfairly so.

There are clear signs that the person is not over their ex yet or exhibiting rebound symptoms when they lash out at us for no reason at all and upon further inquiry, we find out that they have attributed intentions and motivations of their exes upon us

This sort of lashing out can only be borne for a certain period and after a while it becomes old and any sane person will not stand for having to pay for another person’s mistakes or tendencies

Even after apology has been made, the pain inflicted and the damage done cannot be easily assuaged. When a person is unthinking enough to take out their frustrations about their ex on the next potential romantic interest, it reflects an undeniable inconsiderate streak, not to mention an illogical lack of perspective.

It might be that had the ex relationship not been a painful or frustrating one, the person who is rebounding might be someone decent to have a relationship with or perhaps without the context of the past relationship, unprovoked painful words would not have been said.

However, we would never know now since the past cannot be undone and we don’t have the patience of saints to be the emotional punching bag and/or personal therapist of the person.

Suffice it to say, it’s not a great idea to get involved with someone who is on a rebound. Most likely than not, we would not be standing on fair ground and we would be disadvantaged and have to effectively “pay” for past emotional crimes which we have not committed and therefore cannot resolve.

(c) Niconica 2012