When we feel constrained by certain factors in the relationship to merely stick to small talk and safe topics, it’s not a positive development in the relationship.

It may be that it doesn’t start out that way but through a series of unpleasant discussions or interactions where the other party has expressed contempt, condescension, and anger towards us, we gradually learn to tread on safer ground in the case where we decide to stay around.

The connection becomes a shadow of what it once was especially when we feel anxious when we interact with the other and when we feel that we are not able to be ourselves anymore and when there are restrictions and constrictions to how we may or may not be.

Being relegated to mere small talk and safe topics is a definite step back and there is no way to resolve this unless both parties discuss and mutually agree to remove perceived or real, conscious or unconscious sanctions upon the relationship.

Otherwise, the relationship will soon be as irrelevant as the small talk and safe topics which prevail.

(c) Niconica 2012