There is a fine line between being honest and being brutally honest. There is a fine line between being brutally honest and downright mean. People seem to forget these when they are not on the receiving end of such treatment.

Sometimes when we feel that someone is in love with us and we are compelled to turn them away for whatever reasons, either due to our own personality disorder, faulty assumptions, or genuine good intentions, there is a better way to go about it without crushing the other.

Often narcissistic personalities who have been genetically blessed with good looks do not think twice of breaking someone’s feelings with cruel words and spiteful assumptions. It can only be hoped that they would eventually have a taste of their own medicine.

More than learning how to turn someone down gently, the person who intends to go that way should determine whether the context is appropriate for such words. It would be adding insult to injury to harshly turn someone down who is not actually propositioning us or otherwise interested.

Turning someone down need not be a cruel maneuver or an unnecessary one if we actually considered more than out self-interest in the interaction. Take heed, what goes around comes around.

(c) Niconica 2012