It’s strange when it gets to the point when there is nothing to talk about. It’s either all the topics have been exhausted (which is not easily possible) or something more significant is standing in the way of communication between both parties.

It could be that small talk simply doesn’t suffice anymore and the getting-to-know-you conversations have been stalled. Since life involves constant growth, there is something to know about the significant other daily.

In situations which hover between friendship and relationship, there comes a point where the threshold is hit and therefore a decision has to be made mutually even without overt discussion whether to move forward or not.

Sometimes it’s not as simple as merely having the desire to move forward since the desire to move forward to another level in a complicated relationship is not sufficient especially when enough damage has been sustained.

When the other person has unfairly punished us for simply being who we are and misunderstood us by going through with assumptions without giving us room to address the concerns, it gets to the point where we doubt whether the person deserves to be in our life.

When we have been shown that the topics we introduce are unwelcome, we wouls be fools to proceed down the inhospitable path and even if diplomatic relations ensue, it’s never really the same anymore.

So even if there are a lot of things which occur in our lives and when there are objectively a lot of daily concerns to discuss, we feel that we have nothing else to say or share since we know by previous experience that what we have to say did not fall on deaf ears, even worst it fell upon inhospitable ears accompanied by a sharp tongue.

(c) Niconica 2012