There’s something about the social pressure abound once February rolls around it seems that everyone in the world (emphasized by the buzz on social networking sites) is geared up for the ‘Season of Love’.  There’s something about the social pressure and the collective energy of the season and to us mere mortals, it can definitely make a partner or a potential partner more attractive, but beware of seeing them through rose-colored glasses, lest the shimmering mist of Valentine’s disappears and leave us with stark and flat reality.

Sometimes, we just feel so compelled by a certain person and we don’t know what it is that draws us to them despite our better judgement and even if during other times of the year we would seem to have a better immune system protecting us against our compulsions, it seems that the days leading to Valentine’s spurs us to indulge ourselves a bit more and pursue our flights of fancies, often not always to the benefit of our emotional or mental wellbeing.

When we find ourselves with no object of interest during this season, we seem to feel as though we were excluded somehow from a social event.  However, when we find ourselves with our eye on someone whom we fancy, this season seems to bring it up the attraction in more vivid color and in 5.1 surround sound so to speak, and we feel that we are somehow drawn to the person whom we desire like a moth to the flame.

It’s all well and good when the circumstances are welcoming and conducive of such sentiments and when the person who has caught our fancy welcomes and reciprocates our attention.  There’s a danger though that the sentimentality of the season might catch us in its riptide and the connection is merely one-way.  We must try to rein ourselves in somehow and find a way to balance the romance with pragmatism.

If we do find ourselves drawn in irresistibly, we must find a way to hold ourselves back unless there are indications that forward is the right way to go… Otherwise, just remember what happens to the moth who moved towards the flame.

(c) Niconica 2012