There is a certain pressure attached to Valentine’s Day and it applies to couples and singletons alike, more so for people who are in an “It’s complicated” pseudo-relationship.

For couples in a relatively healthy relationship, the pressure would be how to celebrate the day which needs to surpass the expectations of both parties. It would be good to alleviate the pressure and the resultant stress with communication with the other instead of stewing over unmet expectations which would just cause wrinkles to an otherwise functioning relationship.

For couples who are on a rocky stretch, Valentine’s Day serves as both catalyst and milestone for either the solidification or dissolution of the relationship.

For singletons, it serves as both an opportunity for receiving or giving romantic attention and gestures towards the object of their affections and/or as a stark and depressing reminder that one is not in a relationship or has no one to love and be loved by.

For couples who are in confusing and complicated pseudo-relationships, Valentine’s Day presents a myriad of untold and complicated challenges since both people have undefined roles and unable to specify expectations to each other.

The facet which presents as an inability to demand, express, or communicate the wishes and expectations for Valentine’s Day can spur a cycle of unexpressed resentments and disappointments.

The immense social, personal, and emotional pressure presented by Valentine’s Day cannot be underestimated.

The Valentine’s Day pressure and expectations has now cascaded to epic proportions and has taken a life of its own that it might or might not be met by possibility nor reality.

(c) Niconica 2012