Considering the widespread and unspoken social and personal pressure placed upon all of us by the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day, another topic that might be a point of consideration and perhaps, even contention, would be the formal status of a relationship.

What’s in a name really? To quote the bard himself, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Giving the relationship a formal name or recognition confers legitimacy upon it and the assurance we seek. It becomes a milestone event for the couple.

Giving the connection a name matters. The formal agreement of the relationship status to each other gives security and assurance to both parties of their commitment. So we cannot be flippant about the relevance of officially being a couple.

Pseudo-relationships would feel the strain of this because unspoken attractions or commitments don’t sit eel with the person who is fully decided about being in the relationship. The strain of giving the relationship a label would loom like an invisible cloud above the interaction until it is addressed.

Without it being intended to be so, Valentine’s Day represents an unspkoen deadline for sealing the deal so to speak. As much as we would like to be modern and say that names and labels don’t matter, we know they do and on the case where the relationship is not formalised, there are more concerns which reside in the back of our minds.
It’s such a pain to be in an in-between stage where uncertainty reigns.

Formalising the existence of the relationship is akin to being acknowledged and accepted into each other’s lives and thus relationship status does matter and does warrant being discussed when one is truly interested in moving forward with the beloved.

(c) Niconica 2012