When you first meet someone and you make all sorts of presumptions and assumptions which might or might not be accurate and you actually act upon these notions, you might be cheating yourself out of the whole experience by pressing the ”fast-forward” buttonin your head.

When on a rebound, one becomes especially susceptible to this tendency where we tend to wrap the qualities of the ex on the next person and it’s unfair for all parties involved. It cheats you out of actually getting to know the other without undue bias.

When one jumps to conclusions about the other without giving the other a chance, it’s the proverbial fast-forward where we skip a lot of the crucial steps in getting to know the other and it’s no surprise that things tend to go downhill from here.

Don’t jump to conclusions about the other without giving the situation a fair amount of time to play out. The immature impulsivity of going fast-forward is a recipe for disaster for romance and it would undermine an otherwise potentially good relationship or friendship.

(c) Niconica 2012