Conflicts with our beloved happens to the best of us. It seems as though the presence of love does not prevent disagreements and misunderstandings from coming into play, even to the best of couples, and what does mean to the rest of us mere mortals?

The notion that the presence of arguments in a relationship of even a pseudo-relationship is a signal that the relationship is not viable and that one must jump ship is does not hold water at times. It’s ideal with some situations such as in the case where physical harm is being done but in many cases, where feelings are involved, it’s not as easy to bail.

There are as many different arguments as there are couples and it would be hard to cover all the specifics but it in the case that there is the intent of keeping the relationship then the couple must work towards reconciliation and in the case where trust has been lost for whatever reason, it is not an easy task. And sometimes, it’s not even worth it, but try telling your heart that.

Also, after major arguments, there could be a period of silence of withdrawal where the pertinent matters are not dealt with whether by nature of the circumstance or by choice and there comes a period of trying to figure out where the other stands since no one has decided to open up and further discuss the point of contention for fear of another epic fight. What then?

Eventually the situation would reach a critical point where discussions would once again be required and would hopefully not turn into an argument. However in the case of irreconcilable differences, the chances of reconciliation would be slim to null of neither of the parties are willing to budge on their point of contention.

The dance of reconciliation is tricky and requires careful and sensitive negotiations and utmost sincerity. There is always a danger that things can turn for the worse and perhaps a nagging doubt that history would tend to repeat itself.

These fears are warranted, however in the situation where love (or stupidity) reigns supreme, one plugs forward in the hopes that there would be a better result this time around, that perhaps people can change and that where there is a will, there is a way.

Reconciliation requires a great amount of trust, faith and hard work and at every step towards seeking better understanding of each other’s point if view, there is a risk that things won’t work out and the most important questions we can ask ourselves are: knowing all the factors and risks involved, are we willing to take the chance and furthermore, are we willing to see it through?

(c) Niconica 2012