When we give in to our emotions despite our better judgement, it’s may not turn out the way we would hope. It’s not that we are unaware of our logic telling us to keep away from a certain person who has already broken our heart more than once, it’s that our compulsion supersedes reason. This is what gets us into trouble.

When someone has already treated us badly, the correct thing to do is walk away but often times, despite our better judgment, we stay–and this is to our detriment and even if we know better, we can’t seem to walk away or do anything about it except tell ourselves that we won’t be that stupid next time. Or so we think. As the song goes, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

And when will this cycle be over? This on agan off again, push and pull vicious cycle gets complicated and we wonder whether we would have the strength to survive it since we don’t seem to have the strength to flee–which is what we really should do if we could.

We give in for many reasons–and most of these are self-deluding excuses based on wishful thinking that maybe things will be different this time around. And that maybe, the other person has learned their lesson and would ‘change.’ We continue this pattern of giving in until there is nothing left for us to give–until we are an empty shell of who we once were and where does it leave us?

Every time our weakness gets the better of us, we resolve to not repeat the same mistakes and yet history repeats itself and we are once again at the losing end. Is it worth it? Definitely not. Do we know better? Yes. Would we be able to avoid the same pitfall next time? Hopefully yes, for our own welfare.

(c) Niconica 2012