There should be a quota of how many times we suffer unrequited love in a lifetime because it sometimes seems as though an overdose of unrequited love experiences could be lethal.

Everyone who has suffered from this unfortunate malady would be sure to concur that it is one of life’s unpleasant experiences and it does leave a mark.

As far as we are not in control of who we may be attracted to, the object of our attraction is similarly not in conscious control of how much they would be attracted to us. It would be good to keep this in mind.

It does not pay to continuously harangue the object of our affections nor would it be a good idea to play doormat or hopeful friend in the hopes that we might convince them otherwise.

We must respect their wishes and be aware of the fact that should we manage to find a way to persuade them to return our affections, the price we pay is high because there would be the presence of a sliver of a doubt at the back of our heads that they may change their minds some day and this would cause us our peace of mind.

Inasmuch that we may not be in control of the number of times we fall prey to unrequited love as the unrequited love quota remains mythical, we should always retain control of all our faculties in that we may not be able to help falling for someone but we can always help what we do about it–ergo, which impulses we act on and which impulses we rein in for our own good.

(c) Niconica 2012