When we fall in love, the intensity and the irrationality of it leads us to believe that the course of the relationship can run on its own steam and we are rudely awakened when we find out that letting the course of the relationship unfold does not suffice.

Love is battery powered in the sense that it requires a continuous input of a valid and suitable energy source which includes sincere effort, kindness, compassion, understanding, and meaningful dialogue.

When we do not replace the “batteries” it would cease to function like all battery-powered technology but has the added dimension of being quite destructive to our being.

We must continue to develop a healthy respect for each other abc each other’s boundaries and be able to convey honestly and tactfully what we are willing to put up with in the relationship, as well as what we are wiling to offer. Without these necessary input, the relationship’s lifespan may be compromised.

Love requires continuous nurturing to grow and thrive in a commited and safe environment and when this is interrupted, the ability of love to sustain itself on its own merits come into question. As such, when we take love for granted, we must not expect it to blossom healthily as when we do take the time and effort to pour ourselves into it appropriately and through valid means.

As with battery-powered equipment, only the specific battery type fits so it’s not just about any sort of effort or input but the one that suits and fits the relationship most which will keep it alive for as long as the people involved choose to do so.

(c) Niconica 2012