I would like to think that chemistry between two people is a two-way thing because if it was just a one way thing then it wouldn’t be so dynamic. It must be said that one way attractions do exist as many a person with stalkers or persistent unwanted admirers would attest, however it would not fall into the realm of what I would consider as chemistry which connotes the interaction or involvement of two parties.

I would further like to propose that chemistry is inadvertent and with intense cases, it can’t be helped despite better judgement and the there would be only a few things which would stand between us and throwing our life away for someone would be our own better judgement annexed by self-control and perhaps the appearance that the other party is not as into us as we are into them.

In the case when we must be in contact or in the presence of people whom we have undeniable chemistry with, frequent distancing to clear our heads might be the way to go because sometimes their mere presence might be enough for us to lose our heads and we know vehemently that it’s not the way to go–most especially if it’s inappropriate to the situation and that it wouldn’t work out from the get go.

It’s easy to mistake surface attraction for something deeper and when we take it more seriously than it actually is, that’s when we start to tread dangerous waters. It might also be that the person while reciprocating the ‘crush’ is just not ready to move beyond shallow flirtations to something more and this can be painful for the person who feels more.

True, there might be some sweet ans genuine chemistry present but it doesn’t follow that there has to be something more to it than what it is. Close proximity to the person doesn’t make it easier though and it’s hard to keep our balance but we must attempt to because as adults, we have a lot at stake and a wrong move could cost us dearly. Furthermore, as we are way past adolescence, wd do not have the excuse that we didn’t know any better; because we do.

(c) Niconica 2012