It’s a bit of a challenge to be posting from my phone but as I do not have a computer now, I shall have to proceed with blogging from my phone.

I’m still not sure how to use the WordPress app so I’m just going with the basics by tapping in the entry but without the customary photos. Please continue to bear with me.

I want to talk about ambiguity and the boundaries which blur in the course of our interaction with people and more specifically in the context of friendships and relationships.

Sometimes it would be great if we would just be able to define where we stand in a clear cut manner and leave it at that but more often than not, human interaction is more complex and the intricacies evade being categorised.

The blurring sometimes occurs when our heart and are head are not in agreement as to what the nature of the relationship should be with a certain person.

It could be that logic dictates that we remain just friends with a certain person whilst every fiber of our being longs to be more than friends.

It could also be the other way around when logic dictates that we should go into or remain in a certain relationship when our heart screams to leave the confines of the relationship and distance itself.

This dissonance creates contradictory actions or words which would contribute to the blurred lines.

It’s easy to draw the line and specify the limits but sometimes there are certain emotions or tendencies which bleed through when our head and our heart is not in conjunction with each other and as with blurred boundaries of limits, it creates a lot of confusion and perhaps even conflict.

Life is ambiguous and unpredictable and these factors thrown into this mix contributes to life being both more confusing and more interesting at the same time.

It has been said that a tolerance of ambiguity marks being an adult but at the same time… How do we cope with this when ambiguity gets to be too much to handle.

An option is to distance ourself from the situation to get our heads cleared a bit and to ask ourselves whether we are staying or going?

Possessing a tolerance for ambiguity does not automatically oblige us to immerse ourselves in every complicated situation which comes along and as such, we must choose our battles wisely.

After introspection and figuring out what we want, it would then be recommendable to enter into dialogue with the person concerned because it, of course, won’t do that we are the only ones to make up our minds about the situation and we should consider the other person’s viewpoint as well.

It’s all well and good if it can be easily resolved but if the case is that discussions do not pan out… We must do some serious thinking on the matter and consider what might be the best decision.

Continuing to wallow in the quagmire of blurriness can be amusing or seemingly workable to a certain point in time, after which, at the tipping point, everything spills over to its natural conclusion–which would appear to be subject to the luck of the draw. We must not lose sight of this fact.

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