With relationships or pseudo-relationships which are not working out, there is a certain sensation of feeling stuck and/or frozen.

It’s the strange feeling that one should be heading straight for the exits and firmly locking the door behind so as to conclude a certain chapter of one’s life yet being unable to do so.

It’s the numbing feeling of staying in place when one should be somewhere else–anywhere else–but in a dead-end situation where there is little room for growth.

And yet we stay here frozen, unable to move… Heart half-filled with futile hope and half-filled with certain dread yet being unable to do anything about it.

Helpless while at the same time screaming out silently for help… For something or anything to help us out of the quicksand of a relationship because we know that the longer we stay there…

It becomes more dangerous because when we remain frozen we don’t sink… But when we try to get out we seem to end up further in…

(c) Niconica 2011