Christmas season officially starts in September here in Manila and when we were younger, it was pretty easy breezy–it was all about thinking about what we wanted or wished for as Christmas presents from our loved ones… However as time passes by, it becomes about thinking about what to give to our loved ones for Christmas and preparing both the budget and the gifts themselves and there is a certain satisfaction in being able to properly prepare our presents.

There are some Christmases when our minds seem to be all over the place and as much as we don’t want to admit it, we haphazardly prepare and purchase presents for our loved ones as well as what we can consider as “obligation gifts” for people whom we don’t want to give gifts to but we feel that if we don’t, it’s just not proper or there would be serious repercussions–emotional or otherwise.

There is a certain satisfaction when we are able to prepare gift wrappers, gift tags, as well as appropriate gifts–and know deep inside that they will appreciate what we have for them.  It’s a delicate balance where we consider what we would like to give as well as considering what the person’s interests and inclinations.  In addition, there is the anticipation to their reaction when they open their presents.

Here’s to Christmases when we feel that we have managed to appropriately prepare and package the presents we are to give to our loved ones.

Happy Holidays.

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