Finally, an inkling of a ray of light… Dolores Cannon’s The Convoluted Universe Part Four is now available and I couldn’t resist–I purchased the Kindle edition immediately. I’ve been checking religiously to find out if there are any updates as to when it would be available.

It was originally slated to come out in November, but then it was moved to Christmas Day… and to my disappointment there was an announcement that it might be available at an unspecified date post Christmas.  I’m psyched that as of today it is now available!

So today, despite all my grousing, I got a double treat since I just received this awesome Christmas baking book from a very good friend– “Bake Me I’m Yours…Christmas”

This is my first Christmas baking book, and despite my rudimentary baking skills which I make up for enthusiasm, I hope that aside from flipping through the pages and appreciating the delectable delights, I do find time to try out the recipes here in the book. Yay!

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