Before Young Adult literature was filled with stories about vampires, werewolves, and fairies, there was the Sweet Valley series and I am one among many in a whole generation of women who grew up with the Wakefield Twins and their friends.

Jessica and Elizabeth are practically our old friends and encountering Sweet Valley Confidential was definitely a very pleasant surprise.  It’s like running across some very old and dear friends and catching up with them ten years later to see how things have gone.

I am definitely very pleased that Francine Pascal decided to write Sweet Valley confidential.  I had been addicted to Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley Twins books for years as I was growing up and I would actually consider them to be an integral part of my childhood–along with the Nancy Drew series.

Reading Sweet Valley, Sweet Dreams and Nancy Drew books is practically a right of passage.  I read Sweet Valley Confidential with nostalgia–and in one sitting.  I could not put the book down and savored every single word and delighted in the experience of coming in touch once again with a part of my youth.

I have to admit I was not too much of a fan of the Sweet Valley TV series–it did not seem to do justice to the scope and depth of the books.  However, after reading Sweet Valley Confidential–it makes me wonder whether a TV series might be a good idea but only after a Sweet Valley Confidential movie is shown to launch it–reintroduce it to the younger generation so to speak, and delighting longtime fans like myself.

The plot is not complicated… Sweet Valley Confidential reads more like a series of vignettes which takes us into 10 years into the future from where we left off over a decade ago.

It could have been more poignant, more complicated and more heart-wrenching (and longer) to appeal to now adult fans, but as it is, it shows the signature sweetness of Sweet Valley which we know and love.

A nostalgic treat.

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