If only endings could be this perfunctory as having the “Game over” text flash on the screen, then it’s restart or turn off the game device–with the option of playing again another day.  Unfortunately, endings cannot be this ‘pleasant’ since there is usually a distinct sense of loss experienced by one or both of the people about to part.

Letting go would often be the prescribed antidote to break-ups or other emotional endings and goodbyes–if only it were that easy.  If only there was such a thing as a “Letting Go” ointment which is available…

Imagine this:

 “Just broke up?

Apply ointment 3 times a day until all symptoms disappear.  

For cool-offs or less intense breaks, apply once a day or upon own discretion until pain disappears.”  

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way and we have to do it the good old-fashioned way… We have to go through it day by day and gradually learn to let go and detach from the situation/person… Until such a day that  a miracle cure or a magic antidote appears.

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