Oh, joy! Finally, one of the books I had been long wanting to read is now available in Kindle edition.  There’s something about the immediacy of being able to “Buy with 1-click” so to speak on Amazon.com which makes it more preferable to ordering online and waiting for the books be sent from the US to the Philippines.

I used to think that I would prefer books on paper so much that were the costs of sending or acquiring the books comparable that I would go for the traditional books and patiently wait for the books to get to Manila.

The only way that the shipping of the books would be comparable though would be that the freight option be to send it over surface mail or to ask someone to bring it home to Manila–and this is when we know friends or relatives whom who would want to trouble with carrying what could be bulky purchases to add-on to their baggage weight when they either come back to Manila or visit Manila.  (This would still be an option for the books which are not available in Kindle edition or books which are filled with images/technical texts which would lend themselves better to the traditional ink and paper book format.)

Considering all these options, it seems that the convenience of purchasing a Kindle edition with one-click and being able to read it within seconds without the extra hassle of waiting and/or arranging for sending the books to Manila wins out especially when the book is more obscure in terms of topic and would likely not be available in local bookstores–besides the fact that purchasing with 1-click appeals to impulse purchases.

For a book addict like myself, impulse purchases do happen more often than not.  I have to admit that I’m acclimatizing to the Kindle revolution so to speak and enjoying the benefits of having many–but not all, yet–of the books at Amazon possibly available at my fingertips should I choose to purchase them.

In saying that, I am still hoping that more books would be available in Kindle edition–and if any publishers are reading this, I hope that they do take note of it.  It would an added bonus and appreciated of there would be an option where discounts or bargain rates would apply to heavy readers/book addicts since the impulse buys do creep up to a certain amount.

I’m sure that there are a lot of us kindred spirits all over the world who love, adore, and are addicted to books who would appreciate a wider selection of books available to whet our appetites and/or addictions.

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