Ages ago, I wrote a post stating that I preferred actual books compared to e-books… And this fact still remains to be true. However, considering the fact that book availability is limited here in Manila and that the selection of books in Amazon is pretty comprehensive, purchasing the Kindle edition seems like a good option.

Within seconds, we are able to receive the Kindle edition in our chosen Kindle reader device, whether it be an iPhone, an iPad, a PC or an android device, and start getting into it without further ado.

Having said that, nothing beats the feel of actual pages and the smell of the crisp paper, but compared to waiting a sizable amount of time or spending way more to have the actual books shipped halfway around the world to Manila, I’m pretty happy that Amazon came up with the Kindle edition of the books.

I would actually have purchased more Kindle e-books if only more books were available in Kindle edition.  I have to note to my disappointment that quite of the few books which I have wanted to purchase were not available in Kindle edition.

They are now in my Amazon Wish List but I have not been too inclined to order them yet since, I have found to my surprise, that the speed and the convenience weighs more than my love of handling the printed pages of an actual book.

I almost wish there was a convenient button to click to request for the Kindle edition of the books which I’ve been hoping to purchase.  It’s strange though that with quite a few of the books, the Kindle edition is more pricey than the discounted paperback price, which doesn’t make sense.

Given the fact that there is no cost for the materials for printing and paper, shouldn’t the electronic Kindle edition always be cheaper than the printed paperbacks?

Nonetheless, it seems that my collection of Kindle books will be increasing to a quantity which hopefully will not rival my actual printed books which are practically spilling out of my bookshelves.

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