There comes a point in any relationship situation where it’s more painful to continue… where the status quo feels like a quicksand and staying in it would just cause more damage.  So it’s either we get from quicksand to higher ground or leave the whole enterprise entirely–for our own good.

Ambiguous situations cannot continue indefinitely without causing damage to one or both parties and there comes a time where clarity is called for.  The situation can only go so far when the situation is murky, and beyond that it can even become destructive like a ticking time bomb… a disaster waiting to happen.

How do we neutralize the ticking time bomb? If we are able and ready to discuss the situation openly with the other party in the relationship, there might be some resolution–though not always to the end that we would like because the mere fact an ambiguous relationship has gone on that long–it indicates that the other party is not ready or does not want to move the relationship further.

The other way is to carefully extract ourselves from the situation by distancing ourselves from the other person.  This is hard to do but this sometimes can be the only way that we get out of the situation alive–even if not without injuries or damage of some sort.

Think about it.

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