A step forward from being “Enmeshed” (in reference to the previous blog entry) is a sense where everything is blurry and undefined, which brings us to the topic of this blog post.

There comes a point in getting to know someone when the situation morphs into something ambiguous or at least undefined and it’s all about fogginess and reading smoke signals–proverbially at least–so good luck with that right?

It can be both delightful and infuriating as this undefined state unfurls–swimming in uncertainty while enjoying the occasional what-could-be-construed-as-poignant moments occur and wincing in pain as a real or perceived rejection or pushing away occurs.

Being in the state where one doesn’t know what to expect can be exciting–until it has dragged on to certain point where it’s just plain frustrating and it’s like a proverbial Damocles sword is hanging over our heads and we’d like for some clarity please.

We can allow this alternating game of undefined cat or mouse or mute charades to continue indefinitely, or we can do something about it–though the question which strikes the heart is–are we ready for the answer?

If we’re not yet ready for the make or break decision, then… By all means, let the games continue…

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