They say that it’s all fair in love and war perhaps maybe because with both situations we all tend to lose our heads and more often than not, our better judgements… However, despite the fact that we might all like it to be true–that all be fair in love and war–perhaps because it is often the case that we would like to think that ‘everything goes’ in these situations–it is more of an excuse or a justification for not thinking or behaving in a civil manner.

It might seem or be apparent that all might be fair in love and war even if it is not.  There are casualties with both love and war and how do we justify the cruelty and the violence in both these cases?  Saying a million times that all is fair in these cases does not make all the pain, cruelty, and injustices more ‘fair’.

We must call a spade a spade.  During periods of incivilities where our passions rule our logic, and we end up acting in horrific ways towards others, the fact remains that damage is done and there is no amount of clichés or saying which would change the reality and consequences (read as: harm/damage) of what we have done.

I would urge everyone to think twice before they invoke this inapplicable but eloquent cliché and apply it to their daily lives.

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