Some people like to play games when they are trying to secure or capture the object of their affections and as much as it is effective for them, it does not seem to be applicable to me. All sorts of tricky cunning game-playing serve as a turn-off and why shouldn’t they be when it is incredibly telling of what lies ahead if the connection where to progress deeper.

If they engage in such nonsense at the onset, it exposes their predilections and their character, and what is there to say that people really change their stripes that drastically. Be wary of people who lead you in circles or if there is a disconnect between how they are when they are with you and when they are not.

I am sure we are not strangers to people who are all wonderful and ‘perfect’ when we are with them and say the right things, but when we are apart, they are heard to reach in a myriad of ways, respond whenever they feel like it and are basically unreliable and/or inconsistent. Take this as a huge warning sign to not proceed any further with this person–whether as a friend or as anything more.

Life is complicated enough as it is and it does not need anymore chaos in the realm of relationships.  Relationships or procuring one should be straightforward.  It’s not as clear-cut as a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ since sometimes we are in the ‘Maybe’ stage but what needs to be conveyed honestly is where both people stand–in being able to acknowledge that they are in the white, black, or grey area and being on the same page does help a lot with moving forward since it’s just confusing when ‘Yes’ is disguised as a ‘No’ or vise versa…

In fact, it is not only confusing, it can be cruel to the party who is on the receiving end of such an approach.  It also wastes the time and energy of both people involved.

Be straightforward with your friendships, connections, and relationships and leave the game-playing in the past.  You’ll be surprised that this would garner more authentic relationships and help prevent hurting other people’s feelings or breaking their hearts.

(c) Niconica 2011*

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