If only there were such a sign which would warn us that what lies ahead in the process of getting to know certain people involves increasingly convoluted mind games in one form or another.  It would start relatively simple with the excitement of making a new acquaintance which signified uncharted territories and the exciting getting-to-know phase, and gradually it would get to the point where one would wonder whether one was doing something wrong or whether the other party was passive aggressive… sooner or later (and this is usually later) it becomes painfully clear that mind games are being employed by the other and as much as one would want to keep up, the situation reaches a tipping point where there is no going back–when it cannot be denied that mind games are indeed being played.

Why would people want to play mind games in the first place when employing such tactics entails a very cruel mind?  People who play mind games think that they are getting ahead of the other or securing a certain perceived advantage, but what they don’t understand is the mere fact that they had to resort to such methods shows that they are lacking in the ability to find decent means of achieving their end–and what’s more, it betrays the fact that their underhandedness stems deeper than they would care to admit.

Finding the right people to care about and be friends with, or even to love, is an essential life skill. Once the mind games start, the emotional land mines signify a danger to one’s own well-being and mental health and we must learn to protect ourselves and evacuate at the first sign of danger–or stick around and suffer the consequences, because no worthwhile good results come from playing this game.

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