There comes a point in any relationship when that line is crossed, and there’s no going back. Negotiating relationships is more complicated these days since there is the appearance that there is no more ‘hard and fast rules’ people seem to think there is a license to act however they please with impunity.  With more people possessing weaker or damaged moral compasses, it’s no wonder that relationships are a minefield.

With what is becoming a more and more popular trend for relationships to be more on the “It’s complicated” side rather than the cut and dried relationships, there is more room for error and miscommunication.  With the so-called evolution of human beings, the patterns and trends for relationships seem to be splitting into a myriad number of manifestations–and not always for the better.

Surviving the gray area takes a lot more emotional acumen than most and there comes a point during the dance that something is said or done, and there is no turning back, and as the saying goes, “It’s all downhill from here.” No matter how we want to cling to the way things are or the way we want to maintain our impression or feelings towards our ‘partner’ it’s never the same–it’s the proverbial crack in the glass, sooner or later we are left with shards–and possibly bleeding.

As much as a cavalier attitude towards relationships is admired or propagated by mass media in more ways than one, we must be vigilant and responsible with our thoughts, words, and actions.  Before jumping to conclusions which may damage the delicate balance of the relationship or pseudo-relationship, we must always remind ourselves that there is a more diplomatic way to communicate and phrase things–a way to be able to communicate and resolve differences without ruining everything.

Once that point is crossed, barring the sudden invention, appearance, and/or access to a time machine, there’s no taking it back.

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