"Murder Most Foul..." --Shakespeare "Hamlet"

The rampant and popular shows on the television involving the crime genre reflects our preoccupation with the morbid and the macabre–psychologically and not in the more overt sense, which would tiptoe towards the horror genre.

There is something intriguing and captivating about the idea of unimaginable murder and the implied psychological state of the people who commit them.

Humans are explorers by nature and the murder/crime mystery genre offers an avenue to explore one of the last frontiers–the darkness of the human mind.  This genre offers a vicarious indulgence in the taboo of killing and the circumstances which surround it.

Murder mysteries touch upon the primal urge towards the other end of the spectrum: death; and the ever-present human proclivity for curiosity and the draw towards the unknown.  It is through the crime genre that we witness and become part of something which both fascinates and horrifies us…

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