It’s sad to have to say goodbye to something that we have all grown-up with, but alas, it’s time. The epic finale did not fail to disappoint since it stayed relatively more specific to the plot of the book.  The darkness permeated the whole mood of the movie and we see a very adult theme that permeates throughout.

While the earlier Harry Potter books/movies were about escapism, fun, joy, and bravery, HP7 is more pragmatic in that decisions have consequences and the overall message that evil and its proponents are very real–and there are quite a lot of collateral damage along the way.

In the darkest of times, however, heroes emerge and this is certain the silver lining which appears to herald hope against the dark backdrop of the last stand against Voldemort.  A somber and fitting ending–though it leaves one wishing that there would be more HP books.

It has to be said that the Deathly Hallows movie, while being fantastic and a definite tear-jerker with moments of humor, still ought be complimented by the original HP7 book which provides the original inspiration, rich back stories, and the poignancy of the experience.

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