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Planes, trains, or automobiles? What is your favorite way to travel 500 miles?

I would have to say that it depends on the nature or purpose of travel. If I’m in a hurry, then of course the plane would be the most efficient way.  Of course if it was traveling 500 miles to another island, then I would still say that the plane would be my best bet.

However, if we were talking about having ample time and resources, and if no oceans had to be crossed, my most ideal way to travel would be via an automobile since I’m a big fan of the road trip.  There is something delightful about being about to leisurely sightseeing and discovering interesting and quaint places along the way.

There’s something meditative about driving through open country and it’s definitely a bonding experience with people whom one is in the car with, not to mention the comfortable rhythm of conversation, munching, and silence along the way and sharing the joy of exploration while having the knowledge that all of one’s things are accessible and securely in the trunk of the car.

Hurray for the road trip!

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