There’s so much stories about vampire love nowadays that it has become mainstream. Now that the vampires are exceedingly popular, they are fast losing their dark, brooding, and mysterious appeal.

Gone are the classic vampires of old in the tradition of Anne Rice‘s Interview with the Vampire.  They used to be ageless, timeless, and elusive.  Now they are being portrayed to be as everyday as the corner Starbucks.

There was something interesting about the idea of vampires being accessible, but with the rampant TV shows and literature about vampires among us, they are now in the danger of becoming mundane.

One can’t help but wish that the mystique and rarity of vampires that we grew up with back in the 80s would have been preserved.  There’s something about the vampires who have that unreachable quality which really draws the imagination to a new level.

However, this is probably also the reason why many artists, writers, and creative people have gone to this new level and taken the next step and created worlds were vampires were more among us than they had been before.

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