It’s funny how when we are much younger, we have a black and white view of the world.  Everything was both more simplistic and more generalized, as life was pretty much more of a theoretically possibility and held boundless potential, and has yet to be tempered by the bitter blows of experience.

I used to imagine that I’d be married in my mid-twenties and by my thirties I’d be well on the way raising the prescribed 2.5 children. It was simple and with the characteristic hubris of youth, it seemed doable.  I had the mistaken notion that finding the right life partner was simply about falling in love.

I realize now it’s not that life is much more complicated than that. Finding a partner was not simply something that is as easy as infatuation (and this is indeed a far cry from love), nor is it about finding someone to simply hold hands and skip into the sunset with us.  If we are more self-aware, we would realize that it is as much about our inner journey too.

The fantasy of the perfect life, the perfect family, and the perfect partner can be dangerous to our health… not that it harms us to aspire towards it, but we must be aware that ideals are simply what they are… and that reality might be, with hard work, patience, and determination, pretty good too, though it might fall short of picture-perfect.

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