We’ve all been there… made the mistake of falling for someone who only thinks of us as “just a friend” and yet we can’t help it anyway… we see the signs and yet we continue keeping in touch and enjoying their company and unabatedly falling deeper and further… into the deep dark pit where all hearts shatter and go to die.

It is at that point when we are in shards and mired in the tar of misery and depression that we wonder how we got there anyway and whether we would have the strength to climb out of such a state, much less pick up the pieces.

At the back of our minds, we wonder how many more times we would find ourselves in such a position–and whether we would learn from our “mistake” and/or “rotten luck” to avoid finding ourselves in such a predicament in the future.

Towards this end, we have to be vigilant since history tends to repeat itself when we do not learn for it. Though the first step is definitely to get past denial and start accepting that we have lost this battle and it might be a good idea to recoup our energies, use discernment in bestowing our affections, and love smarter the next time around.

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