The Daily Post ( Topic#189 goes like this:

Is it possible to know someone too well? If that’s true, why do we typically have the goal of always trying to get to know people better?

My answer to this is: No, it’s not possible to know someone too well because change is constant and people do not even know themselves as well as they should because they are composed of ever shifting tides of energy which transform daily.

It is however possible for people to exhibit enough hubris and assume or claim that they know someone  too well.  However this assumption would be faulty since it would be based more on opinion than actual fact since there are several perspectives which come into play.

We always have the goal of trying to get to know people better precisely because we can never know them well enough and they present an ever intriguing and shifting melee of possibilities for us to explore and discover, if we are humble enough and interested enough to be curious about them.

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