When I came across this book, the cover called to me as though it was some top-secret manual from the future, and I was not disappointed. The Faith Popcorn Eve-olution book about the 8 truths of marketing to women really paints a different picture from the norm and it’s definitely, as my title goes, something to think about.

Connecting to the women clients and connecting them to each other is brought up as a way to encourage community.  For a woman, the truths brought forth in the book rings intuitively in our souls and it’s good to finally have a book such as Faith Popcorn Eve-olution validate our natural leanings towards connecting and community by merging business with personal matters.

If you’re interested in women’s studies or marketing to women, this book can be quite handy as it provides wonderful insights into how women think and what are the factors which should be considered when addressing them as clients.

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