There’s something remarkable about the book selections in Hong Kong.  I happened by this book Difficult Conversations while browsing through one of the Page One stores at the international airport.

It was sitting amidst several books about negotiation but as I quickly skimmed through several of them… I came to realize that Difficult Conversations is an amazing find.

I am pleased to find that this book has a holistic approach in the sense that it does not echo other negotiation books which solely apply to business, but in fact takes difficult conversations as a whole as it applies to different facets of our lives–business and personal as they apply with colleagues, friends, family, siblings, relatives, partners, ex-partners, etc.

It does not mean that we know how to properly communicate just because we know how to talk.  It’s often taken for granted that thoughts are meant to be communicated in whichever way they come out of our mouths, but more often than not, in order to avoid more misunderstandings, due consideration should be taken before speaking.

It cannot be said enough that we should think before we speak and Difficult Conversations takes our hand and guides us through a specific, sensible, and effective thought process of which matters and topics to consider when we navigate the precarious waters of conflict resolution and sifting through misunderstandings, and encourages us to sail towards a harmonious outcome, or at least to a certain level which does not escalate the conflict further.

Another must-read! Two thumbs-up!

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