There are so many books about how to act or what to do to acquire or keep a relationship, but what these books fail to instruct us is that all the techniques are in vain if we fail to choose the right person to love.

How to Love by Gordon Livingston, M.D. is a veritable treasure and treatise on identifying the wheat from the chaff and this wisdom may be applied not only to selecting one’s romantic interests but also ones’ friends since as he points out, whom we choose to surround ourselves with is indeed relevant to our well-being.

In his conversational and easy to read manner, he conveys profound truths regarding quality traits of people whom it would be preferable to associate with, and also quality traits of people whom it would be a good idea to avoid since it might at best, be a waste of our time and at worst, cause our undoing.

I recommend this book as a must-read, not only to people who are romantically-inclined, but to anyone who values their well-being.

Double thumbs-up!

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