To hear someone one intensely fancies and whom one has invested quite a lot of time in push us away and reject us… The emotional devastation would be akin to a forest fire.  Burnt and destroyed to the ground.  Especially if the “letting us down easy” part was not particularly easy and more on the realm of harsh, insensitive, and about as subtle as tossing a lighted match onto a forest covered with gasoline.  How does one even attempt to recover from the pain?

It says that time provides a soothing balm to one’s soul, and it cures all.  It is true, so what do we do in the meantime?  How do we lick our wounds in a manner that it won’t be painful for us?  I am not sure if there is a pain-free way of getting through the pangs of unrequited love which has been covered with a coating of insult. As much as perhaps something new and fresh might grow from the desolate and empty wasteland–it would be quite some time in the future before such new growth is possible.

Meanwhile, it’s perhaps more of staring at the wall and figuring out and understanding what went on and why it had to happen–why one has once again found oneself in a situation where one finds oneself rejected and feeling like the victim of another of life’s cruel jokes.  They say that we have to be thankful when people reject us since they are eliminating themselves from our lives and from causing us further pain.  This fact or fiction cannot be appreciated this soon after the devastation, or maybe at all.  And it’s fine.

Sooner or later, we will learn to accept that we cannot always have our way… And that sometimes, as much as they hurt, things are just how they are… Perhaps… And maybe we can start being more prudent about our choices–some people are not worth our precious time and feelings.

(c) Niconica 2011*

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