Page One Bookstore @ Times Square @ Hong Kong

I visited Page One Bookstore @ Times Square (Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) today and browsed through their selection of English books and found a gem: How to Love by Gordon Livingston, M.D.

Boston Globe has hailed it “As gracefully written as Erich Fromm‘s classic The Art of Loving.” This is high praise indeed. I enjoyed The Art of Loving very much.

Though upon reading the first few pages of How to Love, I might actually say that this is even more gracefully written since the relevant content is conveyed in an updated conversational way without losing the essentials.

In the spirit of Dr. Livingston‘s international bestseller Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, his humor shines through as he deftly handles what might be considered heavy topics in a light and skillful manner that it may not be too overwhelming while at the same time, ensuring that the message is not lost.

I have placed this blog post under the category of Book Previews instead of Book Reviews since I will be writing a separate entry when I’ve finished reading the book.

I am just so keen about this book that I wanted to blog about it upon flipping through the first few pages.  How to Love’s subtitle captures the nugget of wisdom perfectly “Choosing Well at Every Stage of Life.”

It would not be far-fetched to imagine that this book would soon be one of the classics in the category of relationship psychology.

Stay tuned for the review.

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