What makes a good president aside from all the obvious qualities of kindness, empathy, decisiveness, intelligence, wisdom, sense of fairness, justice, and not to mention, good psychological, mental, and spiritual health and morals, is… the mere fact that if he or she had the choice, he or she would actually not want to choose to be president.

In other words, what makes a good leader is someone who actually does not have any ambitions or grand plans or any inclination to exert and wield power over others, except over themselves.

Since these leaders are not wont to campaign for any position of leadership, they emerge during crisis when a leader is crucial for survival and their stepping up has become a necessity, or as a product of the duo of convincing and logical popular demand and the situation that is apt and ripe for acquiescing to the demand.

This is also why good presidents and leaders are few and far in between.

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