I wish I came up with that title–but nope, Adam Phillips, the genius that he is, came up with it first.  This book is in a word… “Superb.”  If you would want another word, I’ll throw in… “Sublime.”  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a sojourn into the surreal and fascinating terrain of the psychology of the human mind.

The word “Sanity”, like the word “Love” is a much-abused word used to mean anything that the speaker wants it to mean to their own ends.  Much literature has been devoted to extolling and vilifying madness and there has been many medical texts and practitioners devoted to the study, cure, categorization, and exploration of madness or insanity; on the other hand, “sanity” has been taken for granted and/or overlooked as a vague concept of anything madness or insanity isn’t.

If, as a society, we focussed more on learning more about different kinds of sanity and exploring sanity, what are the possibilities? If we were all educated and aware of different forms and modalities of sanity, there might be more of an option to emulate and facilitate it…

Imagine what the world would be like then when people fully understand sanity and come face to face with it, instead of seeing it as a vague concept of something desirable somewhere in the background and grasped upon when needed to promote one’s agenda.

An intelligent, timely, and relevant book… a must read!  Two thumbs-up!

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