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When we were younger, we tend to imagine that becoming romantically interested with someone would resemble what we see in the movies… but then again, that might not be a safe assumption nor a logical basis for believing in a certain behavior since movies merely last for a couple of hours and well… life is fortunately or unfortunately way longer than that.

After years of experience–and believe me, only the bad ones count, since the good ones don’t teach us anything that we would actually remember–we realize that acting based upon fleeting feelings does not have any bearing at all.  Facing the ebb and flow of emotions does have its difficulties and the exercise of self-control becomes relevant.

More often than not, acting on these feelings often do not turn out to be grounded since more often than not… feelings can be deceptive.  How often do we find ourselves snapping out from the grip of “infatuation” and shaking our heads and wondering what we ever saw in “that person” in the first place?

In other words, it does happen that when we may think we really like someone but when it comes to the point of reckoning, we realize that we actually… don’t.  It’s funny but it can be both blessing and a curse that cupid’s so-called arrows seem to be those rubber suction tipped arrows which seems to slip/pop off more often than not.

Don’t get me wrong, it has happened that some of them have been the pointy tipped ones which actually have taken and ripped through the flesh and drew blood… It is with this perspective that the ineffective suction type arrows would seem to be a blessing, however, not without its accompanying frustration.  However, as I get a year older, it makes me wonder whether one actually outgrows cupid’s arrows or whether one does, with time, develop a better immune system against it.

To be sure, there have been a few meaningful encounters with compelling people… however, none that really went beyond the superficial level of conversation.  It might be because logic is highly valued and thankfully, not lost during these encounters… so much so that I retain the good sense of not jeopardizing friendships with messy and often fleeting emotions… yet on the other hand, one wonders what it would be like if logic did not dictate the boundaries.

It would take more than mere attraction to compel me to transform any relationship or interaction into a romantic one due to the more-often-than-not ephemeral nature of romantic attachments.  Meanwhile, it is interesting and both delightful and frustrating to enjoy the ebb and flow of emotions… of attachment and distance.

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