An Unquiet Mind” is heralded as a National Bestseller and rightly so. Kay Redfield Jamison is both candid and insightful as she guides into the world of manic-depression or what is now more popularly known as bipolar disorder.

Reading her personal accounts of her experiences as she dealt with this very crippling biological disease which manifests psychologically and mentally provides one with an unparalleled insight into the nature of bipolar disorder.

She also debunks the popular misconception that people with mental illness or bipolar disorder cannot be functional members of society and should be locked up or that intelligent people who appear to be from sturdy stock cannot succumb to the genetic disease known as bipolar disorder.

The good news is that bipolar disorder can be managed with good medication and a good psychiatrist–not to mention a proactive attitude, and she has proven it to be so.

She is both the healer and the patient as a certified mental health professional and as someone who has openly stepped forward as a manic-depressive and is lauded for her expertise on manic depression (bipolar disorder).

I highly recommend this book.

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