It’s funny… I’ve come across these books recently… Beyond These Four Walls by MaryRose Occhino,  Spirited by Rebecca Rosen, and Secrets of the Monarch by Allison Dubois.

When I scour the second hand bookshops, I hardly have an idea of what I’ll get… During the last few times when I’ve tried my luck, I’ve come across these three books separately. It happens that these books are written by mediums and are about their practice, so to speak.  I really quite enjoyed reading them and found them utterly fascinating.

I do have some interest in psychic and mediumistic phenomenon but as of late, since I’ve been preoccupied with other concerns, it has not been an active interest. Stumbling upon these books rekindled my interest in the world of the unseen and unexplainable.

It’s very disappointing that Medium and Ghost Whisperer have been cancelled.  I felt that in their own way, both of them have something to contribute to the the interesting field of spirituality and the paranormal… not to mention that they are intriguing and fun to watch.

It can only be hoped that I do end up stumbling upon more good reads about mediums, mediumistic ability, and furthermore, that there would be good series which deal with mediumistic abilities again–whether it be like Medium which deals with solving crimes or Ghost Whisperer which deals with finding peace for wandering spirits, or something else which deals with ghosts or spirits along similar lines.

The shows were probably cancelled because they didn’t turn out to be as popularly accepted as other shows which deal with more generally accepted themes… which does not go to say that they did not have its own niche following or that they were not popular at all.  I’ve been an avid follower of both these shows and I believe that I am not alone with these sentiments… Both Medium and Ghost Whisperer will be missed.

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