Here’s another winner, folks! ┬áJust what the doctor ordered… Better Love Next Time by JM Kearns is a fun, interesting, and moreover, relevant, read. There are a lot of books about falling in love and recovering from break-ups, but this one encompasses both and acknowledges the detrimental effects past relationships have on us which may cause us to mess up future relationships.

Better Love Next Time deals with the intricacies of infatuation, compatibility, and how to get out of our own way. Everyone who has loved and been hurt or have had a painful relationship in the past and yet wants to give love a go will find a wealth of knowledge in these pages.

However, reading and applying the knowledge are altogether two different things… we would have a lot to gain if we were to be honest with ourselves, not engage in any form of denial, and have the determination to apply the necessary remedy to our love life and romantic decisions.

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